DoMone is a French self-taught artist. Her career started after different professionnal experiences and several travels. She began with the creation of very colorful sculptures with a strong inclination for Pop Art. Her thinking process drives her to new interests, to discover new passions and ideas, new playgrounds that nourrish her imagination. DoMone’s work can be distinguished for it belongs to a very expressive sphere of creation, with its own urban poetic.

Her new serie presents ideas, sometimes eccentric, confronting each others, in which Pop Art, Graffiti and collage are part of her artistic background and call out the viewer for the formal language is strong and intriguing. DoMone is relentless and even though she is surrounded with skilled and enthusiastic peers, she preferes to stay anonymous for now. Her latest series is presented in our Galerie MickaĆ«l Marciano‘s spaces.