Du Bonheur

Oil on canvas

89 x 116 cm

La Ronde de l’Eternité

Oil on canvas

150 x 150 cm


Sorkine is born in Paris in 1936. From his teenage, he leaves his familial environment and school to “live and survive with his art”. He is strongly influenced by his mother’s jew-russian origins and therefore takes her name as a painter: RAYA SORKINE. His work is a mix of cultures, influences and experiences, travels and war.

His paintings are full of contrats. Even if the eyes of his characters transpose the horror of a certain period of time, the colours sing the hymn of life: yellow, red, blue, green… They show a serene optimism. By the themes, the liveliness of the colours, the bestiary, Sorkine can be considered as one of Marc Chagall’s heir.