Coderch & Malavia

26 Place des Vosges 75003 Paris

Coderch&Malavia is a sculpture project in which the human body is at the core of the plastic discourse. A universe of meaningful forms centred on the idealised human figure. And a clear horizon: Beauty as an everyday tool. Joan Coderch and Javier Malavia came together in 2015 to carry out sculptural work featuring a refined technique, which is present from the modelling in the studio to the final piece cast in bronze.

Joan Coderch was born in 1959 in Castellar del Vallés, Barcelona, and he graduated from Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Art in 1984. Javier Malavia was born in 1970 in Oñati, Guipúzcoa, and he graduated from Valencia’s San Carlos Faculty of Fine Art in 1993.

Philippe Gauberti

New artist
4 Avenue Marie-Louise | Passage du Royal 44500 La Baule, France

Originally from the Côte Niçoise, Philippe Gauberti draws from his Mediterranean childhood, his intense and solar colors, this insolent light which floods his artworks. Creative and curious from an early age, sensitive to theatre, the visual arts, and culinary arts, his future seems to be moving towards an artistic career.

For four years, he relentlessly followed intensive training with a master craftsman in boiler making, polishing and foundry, who taught him the secrets of metalworking. Skill no longer being an obstacle to his dream, he then began to create his own artistic universe. The polished stainless steel to become a mirror then imposes itself on him as obvious. Who do I see? Who am I ? The double “I” settles in and does not leave it