Luz Perez © Galerie Mickaël Marciano
LUZ PEREZ-OJEDA Frida y el dia de los muertos, 2022

Frida y el dia de los muertos

3D Lenticular Technique and FLIP + Photomontage
120 x 90 x 4 cm


Lenticulaire Flip 3D
121 x 91 x 4 cm
Edition of 8

Luz Perez Ojeda Artiste Oeuvre Marylin


Lenticulaire Flip 3D
90 x 90 x 4 cm
Edition of 8

Luz Perez Ojeda Artiste Oeuvre the Beatles

I think therefore I am

Impression 3D
75 x 78 cm
Edition of 8

Luz Perez-Ojeda Artist | Magic killer queen Freddy Mercury | impression lenticulaire | Galerie Mickaël Marciano Place des Vosges Paris

Magic killer Queen

Lenticulaire Flip 3D
90 x 60 x 4 cm
Edition of 8



Luz Perez-Ojeda is from Venezuela, she lives and works in Paris. She is a photographer and a painter and she also masters the art of silkscreen printing. Her work combines photographs, drawings, and videos that she digitally gather to create an image. The lenticular process of printing carry out the mixed media subject. It produces a particularly dynamic image. She was the assistant of the artist Carlos Cruz-Diez for 7 years. This is when she got the opportunity to go into painting, photography and silkscreen printing, in depth. This technique of printing is the one she continued to develop and to perfect when she trained herself at the Del Arco Parisian workshop. From 1988 to 1994, she printed artists’ works such as Aurélie Nemours’, Peter Klasen’s, Cruz-Diez’, Chu Te Chun’s and Vasarely’s among them.

Between traditional Avant-Garde collage and digital collage, the combination of techniques allows Perez-Ojeda to fully and freely express herself. The use of new technology offers the chance to print on very different media. She can use Plexiglass, aluminum, Dibond or wood for example.

The Pop Artists and kinetic artists with whom Perez-Ojeda rubs shoulders with had an influence on her most recent work. Among them there are Merida, Cruz-Diez and Perez Flores, she also outlines that Andy Warhol’s art deeply marked her and the way she creates art.

“My images are part of my language. They are the words to speak my inner emotions and visions, they are the colors of my mood.” – Luz Perez-Ojeda.